3d archery

3D Archery

3D Archery in the Hidden Garden

In recent years, 3D archery at the end of the archery workshop was a great success. Therefore, we have expanded the 3D archerytrack from 3 to 12 targets. In the orchard along the Amstel nowadays are 4 arrangements of three lifelike animals where you can shoot with bow and arrow from various distances. Who has the real hunters instinct in them? Also suitable for vegetarians. 3D Archery is ideal for groups who previously combine the workshop archery followed at Amstel Sport also with Archery Battle

3d target

 3d archery

3D Archery abroad

Abroad, this form of Archery shooting has become a very popular form of archery. In the coming years we expect so much from it. http://totalarcherychallenge.com/gallery/