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Archery tag

Archery tag

Archery battle

From now on at Amstel Sports: Archery tag! This is a new dynamic form of archery. More fun than paintball and without the bruises. Innovative, exciting and secure. It is a kind of dodge ball game for adults and is played by two teams of at least 6 up to 9 players per team on a special playing field along the river Amstel.

archery tag

Archery tag

This new sport  is founded in the USA and is also often called Shoot out, and it is a big hit. Amstelsport however,  has chosen better material than the American version. We also have wider field for even more fun. Archery tag is played with us in nature with professional and safe material: carbon bows, Scott head protection and fore arm protectors. We use hay bales bunkers for the real nature experience. Amstelsport is the 1st organization in Holland that offers Archery tag in this form. There are also recently outdoor organizations publishing such an idea as “Arrow Battle”  You can organise an archery event in combination with orther outdoor activities like SUP or disc golf.

Contact: amstelsport@gmail.com

Shoot Out

Archery workshop

Shooting with our proffesional equipment is easy and fast to learn.

You can also attend a regular archery workshop for even better results in the game. To hit more colleagues or friends and to shoot your team to victory. Also possible to combine it with one of our other outdoor activities in an event up to 125 people. For moving images of archery tag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Jlimvsuwo   Contact: amstelsport@gmail.com